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Born and raised in South Africa, Sean, an original singer songwriter has been writing deep acoustic soulful sounds with a contemporary touch that will set your soul on fire with the vibe and musical notes. 

From soft acoustic sounds to jazzy and indie folk rock- Sean's voice and musical instrumentation combination is breathing new life into the contemporary pop rock world. Sean has performed from Southern Africa to the Emerald Coast Florida, and is currently working on a new album, with former satelite studio for Nashville, producer,mixing and mastering engineer Jerry Kasing from mountain studios.





"Sean's music is just incredible, its so intricate, with such delicate and deep lyrics- it really is timeless, and meaningful" 

"'I have recorded some of the best musicians in the world and Sean's guitar playing and songwriting is also world class!" - Jerry Kasing, recording & mastering engineer and 30 year bass player

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